DEDALOS Ltd : an European SME for aerospace R&D



The DEDALOS Ltd start-up is an European SME, created by a team of atomic and plasma physicists coming from academic communities of the Université de Paris, France and of two Greek Universities. The company is settled in Thessaloniki, Greece and aims to work in collaboration with European and international institutes, companies and aerospace agencies.

Research activities lead by DEDALOS span a wide spectrum of technology developments, from fundamental plasma physics, including atomic data calculations and measurements, to the development and the adaptation of plasma modeling codes and diagnostics tools for concrete industrial devices and their optimization. Throughout its research and technology activities, DEDALOS Ltd relies on balance between theoretical calculations, numerical simulations and experimental results. Study of their correlation constitutes the only way to reach the validation of the obtained results and insure the expected performances of the developed applications. As a consequence, optimization of the industrial applications is obtained through their detailed characterization. The fields of DEDALOS Ltd applications include plasma thrusters, plasma reactors, lasers and fusion devices.

DEDALOS Ltd collaborates with laboratories, institutes and Agencies in Europe, USA and China.

DEDALOS Ltd is now involved in a number of projects which are reported separately. Detailed information on them can be obtained from ResearchGate, see K. Katsonis and Ch. Berenguer.