DEDALOS Activities


Theoretical work: Our theoretical work consists in atomic and molecular data calculations and evaluations, to be used in plasma modeling and in studies of plasma diagnostics methods. In so doing, we develop convenient codes for large data sets management, spectral line identification and various types of modeling including Global Models (GM) and Collisional-Radiative (C-R) models. 


Experimental work: We specialize in experimental work in plasma spectroscopy, notably Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES) allowing for various diagnostics cases, determining such important parameters as electronic temperature and density of the plasma.


Industrial applications:Both our theoretical and experimental work allow for optimization of the functioning of such industrial devices as plasma thrusters, plasma reactors, lighting devices, lasers, etc. 


Consulting: Our consulting services are based in our research applications know-how in resolving a wide scope of research and industrial problematics. 

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